Oil Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery

To complement our oil trading and other related services to our clients, the group has invested in a state of the art fully automated service of oil tank cleaning. OTCCO offers an efficient tank cleaning and oil recovery solution that exceeds the most demanding HSE measures. The company offers an automated, non-man entry oil tank cleaning and oil recovery service, using mobile and modular equipment made by ORECO. A highly trained and certified team of professionals operates the system. The service can be made on both floating and fixed roofs of above-ground oil storage tanks with volumes up to 200,000m3/1,240,000 bbl. with sludge contents easily exceeding 30,000m3/185,000 bbl. Compared to manual and semi-automated methods, we offer an efficient and cost-effective solution providing wide range of benefits including: non-man entry, 80% faster cleaning, safe, environmentally friendly and economical.