Natural Resources, like Copper, are the treasure trove that provides alternative sources of revenue for oil dependent economies. Copper demand has been on an exponential growth since it’s discovery thousands of years ago. “It now appears that in the next 25 years, the world will need to produce as much copper as has been produced in the history of humanity” according to US Global Investors publication. A thorough study conducted by a consortium of Silk Road and international consultants has led to the establishment of our Copper mining venture. We have invested in a license of 40-acre land, which is rich in good grade Copper Oxide and Copper Sulfide ore. The design work of the mining process and plants is moving in parallel with on-going exploration activities. The production of high grade Copper Concentrate is planned for the first phase of the project, followed by the production of Copper Cathode in the second phase. The project is designed to generate hundreds of jobs for people and opportunities for local business communities.